WHMCS CD-Key/Serial Key Provisioning Module

Core features...

Integration with WHMCS native ordering system
Cd-Key/Serial Key orders will added to your WHMCS's order system to make everything easily trackable and managed.
WHMCS Server Provision Module
The module is built upon on the native WHMCS provision module. Allowing you to setup Keys as a product with Welcome email release.
No template modifications needed
You no longer need to mess with your current template codes to get the modules to show up on your WHMCS install. Our module utilizes module hooks to get the Menus to display seamlessly. 
Bulk Keys Selling (New in 1.3)
Sell multiple keys (same keys) within one Product
CheckMobi Integration for Validation (New in 1.4)
With this integration, you can force your customer to perform a SMS or Phone validation before they can get their keys
Multi-Language Support
Multi-language is enabled on the client end
ReCaptcha Support
Ensure your keys cannot be easily obtained by bots.
Customizable Template
Customize the Gift Card module templates with ease.


Module features...

Two modes of Keys deployment(CD-key vs. Login/Password) with QR Code integration.
You can deploy keys in either CDkey/Serial or Login&Password format.
New in version 1.2, now you can show the QR code of the serial and login.
Masked Keys & Recaptcha for fraud prevention
We know fraud order is a real concern in the serial key selling community. That's why we have an option for you to masked the portion of the key from showing in the Service pages + Recaptcha support for when your customer want to view the keys in the client area
Easy Importing
Simply paste the keys you want to sell in the import table and they are ready to sell via WHMCS!
Easy Operation
Our module is build on top of the WHMCS system. Use with confidence!